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Religare a Sad Story

Mr. Christian rises early in the morning and quickly prepares for the day.

His first stop after leaving home is to visit the God dispenser. Mr. Christian is running low on his God supplies.

Fortunately, he filled his debit card the previous day by performing a series of good things. He prayed longer than usual, he skipped breakfast as a kind of fasting, he wrote a check to his favorite charity and he gave food to a hungry neighbor.

An issue arose at work and He made a particularly hard moral decision. He strongly defended his Christian values and when it was over, he felt that he had done the Christian thing and made the right decision.

He tried very hard to curb his bad behavior with his wife and managed not to yell at her for the whole day—a new record.

To top the day off, he presented a defense of the doctrine of inerrancy and infallibility at a church meeting. Afterwards attended a praise meeting where he felt particularly ecstatic and this was not even Sunday.

With all that religious effort, Mr. Christian knew he had earned enough to top off his debit card.

Mr. Christian rushed down the street hoping to be first in line at the God dispenser. Fortunately, he was second in line and had only a short wait. However, by the time he stepped up to the machine, his patience was running rather thin.

He swiped his debit card and a deep mechanical voice told him how many credits he had. That voice always made his knees shake in holy fear and Mr. Christian let out a deep breath. He had not realized how anxious he had become. He began to push buttons to make his selections.

Mr. Christian started in the fruit section and obtained a pack containing love, peace, patience etc.. It was like a multivitamin for the spirit. He then started browsing and selected righteousness. He thought he presented himself rather well when he was righteous.

Of course, he needed wisdom, and knowledge. They went together so well and helped his performance at work.

He felt particularly weak today so he got a double supply of the Holy Spirit with power. He almost missed faith. Grateful he remembered, he got a double measure of that also.

His credits had diminished and the deep mechanical voice warned him to choose wisely with the remainder of his credits.

He was particularly aware of his sin of late. Sin plagued him. He spent a lot of time tamping down temptations and he was only partially successful so he selected a healthy measure of forgiveness. It happened to be on special. He found it in the grace section.

His debit card was empty, Mr. Christian pressed the final check out button, and a spirit pack came out of the shoot. He unplugged his old pack, placed it in the recycle slot, and then plugged in the new pack.

He immediately felt the presence of God. He felt loving, wise, and forgiven. The feeling was strong, but he knew it would fade during his day as the spiritual pack from the God Dispenser wore down.

Mr. Christian was now ready to face what life would bring him and he began to plan how he would earn the credits he needed for the next day’s visit to the God Dispenser.

The End.

religare Latin for religion. To tie back, to bind.

God does not give out commodities that then deplete as they are used. God gives us Himself and actively expresses Himself, His character, through us. We can do nothing to produce God’s character in us and we can not earn that character. We appropriate those things by grace through faith. Everything in our story above is religion. The view that God is a dispenser creates a need that binds us to religious duties, values, and morals meant to earn our keep. God cannot be divided. His character can not be separated from His being. In order to express God’s character we must allow Him to be active through us.

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