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He is Risen Indeed!

Easter!  Easter is a celebration like no other.  Christianity is like no other religion.  We worship a risen, living God.  He died but He lives.  He is risen!.  He is risen indeed!

We owed a debt to God for our rejecting Him, but God sent His Son to walk this earth so that by faith in Him we could have our debt to God satisfied.  What we owed cost Him his life by hanging on a tree and suffering in our place for our sin.  Those of us who believe have died,  with Christ, when He died on that cross.  And our death and His would be for nothing if He had not risen on the third day and had not eventually ascended into heaven to present the blood of the cross to God our Father as payment for our sins.  When He rose, we rose with Him to a new life in Him.  We rose to a life that gives testimony to all that He is, Savior and Lord.

We live in a world where Christianity is cruelly distorted to the point that it truly is no longer Christian.  Currently one form of this distortion is on vivid display.  It is called Liberation Theology.  It is a theology that does not talk about what we owe God, but more about what God and man owe a certain portion of society.  In this theology Christ’s love is turned into hate for an oppressor that often doesn’t exist.  People are united around what is owed to them and not around a loving God who promised that we would suffer in His name in this world.  No true Christian would tolerate such a religion, and especially such hatred expressed explicitly in the name of Jesus by this religion.  They take Christ’s name in vein.

I fear for the Church.  It is adrift like most of society.  It is seriously open to a liberalism that distorts who Christ is, what truth is, and who we are before God.  We have become like the proverbial lobster who is swimming in a pot of cool refreshing water while beneath him the fires are stoked and his fate is sealed.  Truth exists.  It is Christ. and He has risen.  Will the church, can the church return to its roots of proclaiming such truth.  The truth of the cross and of a risen Lord?  Or has the church abdicated its role in the world allowing other voices to prevail.  Voices of hate and distortion.  Voices that lead ultimately to death, a death of no promise and no hope.

Christ has risen.  Christ has risen indeed!

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