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Don’t you want to know for sure?  I like being on the right side of an argument.  Makes me feel validated, strong, important, a little smarter than the other guy.  It is a man thing.  The game is called “king of the hill”.  I always lost that game as a kid and I didn’t like the feeling.  So I argue politics and science and ethics and theology.  It make me feel good to be right.  Of course only I know I am right.  Those on the other side of the argument just think I am a little (no very, very) crazy.  I suspect that God doesn’t care much for our childish games.  No one will ever get to heaven based on their right reasoning.  Be like little children Jesus told us.  He placed special value on that simple child like trust.

Your theology won’t save you.  How well you argue its finer points won’t get you one step closer to heaven.  Your arguments prove nothing.  One persons argument will soon destroy another and around and around we go on a treadmill to no where.  “If you don’t believe in the virgin birth you are not saved”.  You can loose your salvation…no you can’t…yes you can…My theology is bigger than yours na, na, na, na.  There is no end to argument and no peace to it either.  Take your stand and feel secure.  Along comes someone bigger than you and pushes you off your secure patch of theology and where do you land.  You won’t find certainty where you land, only a sore bottom and a sense of humility and you will wonder at the futility of it all.  Nothing secure in that.

If a rational person steps back and looks at the various systems of theology and the points of disagreement, the internal logic, the sound exegesis that supports each one, then tries to decide rationally which one is right, which one meets the test of scripture best, which one is more philosophically correct, he will eventually make a choice based on some human judgment and that choosing will bring with it no certainty at all.  Choosing the right theology is not a divine act, it is a human act and it will always fall short of God’s revelation to us.

Man wants to be right because he wants to be king of the hill.  He want to be lord.

There is only one King and Lord and that is our Lord Jesus Christ.

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