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Are you free.  We live in a land that values its freedom, land of the free and home of the brave.  Freedom is an illusion, a lie.  We are never free and we were never meant to be free.  Do I have your attention?  Do you think I have gone nuts?  Read on and let your heart go from the pits to pure joy.

Man was never made to be like God.  He was made to be dependent and contingent upon God.  He was to derive all that he needed from God and what God had created.  Man was not created to be a free being.  He was created to be a dependent, contingent and derivative being.

God is free to do what he wills and all that He wills is good.  God is an independent being.  He is not contingent on anyone or anything.  He can create something out of nothing.  Man is not a god, nor is he becoming a god.

God made man to be under the influence of His spirit.  He also made man able to choose to abandon God’s influence over him.  The temptation from Satan was that man could be like God.  Man could be an independent, creative being.  Man fell for the lie and in order to prevent man from being an eternal fallen being God withdrew his spiritual influence from man.  Man could no longer derive his character directly from God.

Man soon found that he could not create as God had and that on his own he was naked and ashamed.  Man had made himself vulnerable to another spirit, Satan’s.  Man was made by God to be under spiritual influence and in the absence of God’s Spirit in came Satan’s.  Scripture describes fallen men as sons of perdition.  Man under Satan’s influence began to express Satan’s evil character and attributes.  Man became dependent, contingent and derivative of Satan’s being.  One of these attributes was death the very opposite of the attribute of God, life, that God had made available to man if he had remained in the garden of Eden.  The evil that you experience in the world is of Satan.  If you are not a Christian the evil that you do is because you are deriving your character from an evil being that has influence over you.  Fortunately, at least for now, God keeps Satan in check.  If He didn’t this world would be far worse than what we have seen, and even that has been very bad indeed.

A believer in Christ is reborn.  He has a new nature, a new heart for God, a new mind that comprehends all that God has for Him.  The believer in Christ has in him the very presence of God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.  God has restored those in Christ to being again under God’s spiritual influence.  Christian’s once again are able to fully derive their character and to act contingently on God.  They once again have access to that life that is only found in God.

Man is free only when he is reborn in Christ.  Only there is he truly able to freely be all God made him to be.  The freedom mankind longs for is the freedom that is only found in Christ.

If you are in Christ you are free indeed

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