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Jets that Fly


We just spent a wonderful two weeks at a Christian run Resort Cottage Hotel in Bermuda called Willowbank.  Wonderful views of the ocean and a wonderful staff that prays for their guests.  All are welcomed and all are made to feel at home.  Bermuda still has some great British sensibilities including disciplined kids, shirts and shoes required on public transportation and of course four o’clock tea time.  It is a wonderful place to celebrate and get in touch with God’s creation.

Let’s talk about jet air travel a bit.  Coming into Bermuda we hit some very high winds at the airport.  The plane was tossed back and forth as it tried to align with the runway and then when we had touched down we swerved down the runway like a drunken sailor.  Exciting beginning to a wonderful vacation.  I asked the pilot if it was an unusual landing.  His reply was that it was "dumb luck".  There is a confidence builder. 

Well I never thought that little tale would be topped, but on our leaving we topped it.  A hundred miles out from Bermuda on our return flight to Atlanta our left engine made a loud bang followed by an unpleasant noise and vibration.  The engine was shut down and we returned to Bermuda.  The airport was shut down for our arrival fearing that we might not be able to stop on the runway with one engine.  The landing turned out to be better than the one for our arrival.  We got off the plane with the pilot telling us that the engine was un-reparable and had a few holes in its tail.  The fire engines around our plane also bolstered our confidence. 

The story goes on…with a return flight to Boston then to Atlanta with an over night stay of about six hours and then our return home on a commuter flight the next morning.  Through it all we kept having these wonderful encounters with people who we would never have met…Christians all.

There was much prayer as we learned what was happening with our plane.  There was surprising peace through out.  On our return we went forward at Church to express our praise to God for his mercy and hand on our lives. 

God delights in making Himself known to us from time to time in rather striking ways.  I am grateful to a God who makes our future certain no matter what comes our way in this earthly life.  Grace is always on hand when we need it until we are with the Lord in heaven.  His peace is very real.

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