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Ideas for Life


This site is about being a Christian.  The focus is on Jesus and His life in us.  Looking for a fresh point of view that is Christ centered and Spirit filled?  That is my goal.

I find that many Christians are majoring in the law.  Their sin preoccupies their thoughts.  Pleasing God is all important, but never really achieved.  Joy is absent from their lives.  They are judgmental of themselves and of others.  The Church and Scripture demand more than they can deliver.  Their spiritual walk is dry bones.

The answer?  In one word the answer is Christ.  He truly is our all in all.  The more we realize who He is, what He has done and what He is doing in and through us, the more free we become in our walk with Him and the more joy and power we experience in our lives.

A former pastor of ours was fond of saying that Christianity is simple, but it is not easy.  It is simple because all is found in Christ.  He is all we need to be all God desires of us.  To know that, and to understand that, is to be in the Spirit.  Being in the Spirit is the hard thing.  It is hard because it is not the way we see things in the flesh.  It opposes  the way we normally operate in the world.  It is too much a miracle to be easily  accepted.  It is something that we grow into over time as God produces His life in us.

“God loves us” has become a trite saying, but these are not empty words.  Toward the end of John’s Gospel Jesus calls his disciples”friends”.  They were no longer slaves, they were God’s friends.  They were free to do all God desired for them and to be in full relationship with Him.  A relationship God desired and enjoyed.

Are you God’s slave or are you God’s friend?  Is Christ all you need to be all God desires of you?  Only God can produce in us what He desires of us. “Christ in us the hope of glory.”

Know His joy today, enter deeply into His friendship!

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